Dealing with the Corona Virus

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic continues to pose major challenges to companies and employees.

Maintaining distance, hygiene measures, the use of face masks if necessary, and proper ventilation are the most important tools we use to minimise the risk of infection. With rising infection rates, the short-term implementation of a home office rule is now common practice and does not lead to any frictional losses.

Visitors to our offices are asked to have their 3G-certificate ready. 



Economic Consequences of the Ukraine Conflict

We are currently confronted with massive price increases, delivery bottlenecks and daily prices from suppliers due to the shortage of important raw materials and exploding freight costs and energy prices. 

We are trying to mitigate these effects by increasing our stocks and saving on energy costs, but we cannot rule out the possibility of passing on price increases and longer delivery times at short notice.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation by planning your requirements even earlier. Thank you very much.